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What is Mathematics and why do we study it?
Mathematics is the study of numbers, patterns and shapes. It is an integral part of the K-12 curriculum for Australian students.

“The purpose of mathematics is to teach basic skills; to help children to learn to think logically; to prepare students for a productive life and work; and to develop quantitatively literate citizens.” By Lynn Arthur Steen

Why is Mathematics at Hampton distinct?
The main goals of the Mathematics department are to increase students’ numeracy skills, provide students with a positive attitude towards the study of Mathematics, assist them to achieve their potential and apply mathematics in their everyday life.

The Mathematics Department takes a collaborative approach to course review, development and renewal to ensure that all students achieve outcomes that are consistent with their potential. The staff apply technology in a creative and appropriate manner to enhance and foster deeper understanding and appreciation of the art of mathematics.

Students can study mathematics at a variety of levels. The courses are designed to maximise the potential of students and engage them in the type of mathematics used in a variety of careers.

All assessment is aligned with the learning outcomes and are intellectually challenging. At all times assessment process for all courses are rigorous and relevant to course content. Enrichment and extension are embedded into all courses.

Where will mathematics take me?

Upper School Courses – Year 12

3CD MAS must be studied in conjunction with 3CD MAT. This course is where students advance their mathematical skills, to build and use mathematical models, to solve problems, and to learn how to reason logically. 3CD MAS and 3CD MAT are designed for students who wish to pursue an occupation in such fields as engineering, medicine, aviation or pure sciences.

3CD MAT is an advanced course where students explore and analyse functions, develop algebraic use, apply trigonometry, probability and analyse and interpret data. 3CD MAT is usually listed as a recommended or prerequisite for degrees such as sports science, psychology or applied sciences such as forensics.

2CD MAT is broad course where students develop knowledge in the field financial mathematics, function relationships, and spatial applications and analyse and interpret data. 2CD MAT which is designed for people who wish to study an area that relies on a strong mathematical background. 2CD MAT is a course which is designed for students who wish to study in an area where mathematics is useful such as an arts degree, primary education or nursing. This is the level of mathematics for students wishing to enter a TAFE course that recommends a strong mathematics background.

1DE MAT explores the practical application of mathematics in areas such as finance, trigonometry, spatial applications and analyse of basic data. 1DE has an emphasis on the development of mental strategies and written methods to solve real life problems. 1DE MAT is most suitable for students who aspire to enter TAFE, get an apprenticeship or joining the workforce directly from school.

To investigate the pathways to these final year courses please go to _________(direct link to pathways document for mathematics)

‘The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.’ S Gudder