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Applied Science Program

To express your interest in the Applied Science program and to receive information about upcoming workshops, please complete the Expression of Interest form.  Applicants are required to attend one of the two Selection Workshops which are scheduled approximately May and August of the year prior to commencing at Hampton.  Dates will be advised via this site, Facebook and school publications.

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Specialist and Enrichment Programs 2020 Brochure

HSHS Specialist Applied Science Brochure

The Year 7 Program

The year 7 Applied Science Program has a marine science focus.  Students explore the chemistry, physics, biology and ecology behind the ocean environment in a range of hands on experiments and teacher led demonstrations.  Integral to this is humankind’s relationship with the marine environment in the past and for the future.

Among the topics are:

  • Changes in water density arising from salinity and temperature differences and how marine organisms have adapted to these.
  • Ocean acidification from increased CO2levels and its effect on animals with carbonate shells.
  • Thermoregulation in marine mammals
  • Boat design and building
  • Behavioural and structural adaptations of oceanic organisms of fish.  These adaptations are then used to build a water bottle rocket to enable it to fly.
  • Scientific drawing and classification.
  • Marine organism dissection at the Marine Research Laboratory in Hillarys and in the class room
  • Guest speaker – from the W.A. museum expedition to find and chart the wreck of the H.M.A.S. Sydney


Year 8 Program

The Year 8 core focus is sustainability. Students look at four main areas – sustainable food, energy, conservation and waste management.

Within this context student run a range of experiments including determining the energy in food, the nutrition of food, growing plants in different environments, assessing the health of an ecosystem, generating electricity and methods of cleaning up pollution. Projects and excursions include a trip to the Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre, the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre, designing their own wind Turbine to create electricity and perform work such as pumping water and incursions from leading experts in providing sustainable solutions to environmental problems.

Recently as part of an initiative of the Hampton SHS Science learning area we have received a “Waste Wise” grant which empowers students to make decisions on reducing the waste footprint of Hampton Senior High School.

Year 9 Applied Science Program

The year 9 Applied Science Program focuses on Engineering. The program structure allows students to select from a range of hands-on, practical projects from a variety of engineering fields, based on the career pathways that interest them. Projects that are available in 2016 include the design and construction of bridges, underwater vehicles and robots. The bridge project involves students designing and building bridges out of balsa wood for the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition held at SciTech, where they compete against other schools to see which bridge can support the most weight. Students that select the underwater vehicles project will design and build an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Students will learn the basics of submarine design, and will get an introduction to electronics with circuits and soldering components. By engaging in these projects, students will further develop their problem solving, organizational and team-building skills. Students will also have the opportunity to develop their communication skills by planning and running engineering lessons with primary school students as part of the Bright Sparks program.


Year 10 Applied Science Program

The year 10 Applied Science Program focuses on Medical Technologies. Term 1 includes an introduction to anatomy and physiology and the students carry out a number of dissections, dissecting a heart, kidney, brain and eye. In term 2 the students start work on the Next Generation Program. This research project is run by the Petroleum Club of WA for year 10 students from a number of different schools throughout the State. The aim of the project is to demonstrate the diversity of the oil and gas industry and explore the different career opportunities available. Whilst working on this ongoing project, the students also carry out a number of investigations involving microscopy, glitterbug, agar plating, blood glucose levels and forensics. This investigative work the students carry out throughout the year is consolidated in a day excursion at ECU. At this ‘Follow Your Curiosity’ excursion, the students participate in laboratory activities including pipetting, centrifuging and simulations. By the end of the year, the year 10 ASP students have participated in a wide variety of Medical Science activities, allowing them to practice a variety of skills and gain a deeper understanding of this field of Science.