Family update regarding final weeks of school

Dear Hampton families,

As you would by now be aware the Premier and Minister for Education announced changes to the school term meaning students should remain at home from next week and only attend school if they cannot be supervised at home.

These are challenging times for us all and as a school we, like so many industries, are responding and planning the best path forward with new demands and changed expectations. I thank you for your patience, support and understanding as Hampton staff prepare to help us move through this in a way that maintains the integrity of your child’s education.

In the meantime, students can access year level appropriate learning materials at the Department of Education site or by googling Learning At Home.

Information will come to you in the coming days about what, where and how Hampton students can access further, ongoing learning materials. Our first priority is ensuring that relevant materials are available for our Year 12 students as they are the group most impacted by our altered method of operating and our second priority is that we can maintain contact with the students.

The shift towards completing schooling at home will be a change to your family’s routine and dynamics. You may be concerned as to how you are going to teach your child at home with everything else going on. What cannot be replicated with this new mode of learning is the experience, training and skills that Hampton staff utilise to effectively teach adolescents.

Before you take this statement to be boastful or condescending about your ability to teach your child at home please let me qualify the purpose of saying it.

We do not need you to take over the role of teacher at home.

Hampton staff are adept at modifying curriculum and assessments to changing needs and circumstances. My Student Services team are outstanding and have already set up strategies to remain in contact with the student population at home while my Heads of Learning Area are working on what the implications and solutions are for curriculum and assessment.

Hampton students will return to the classroom and normal school routines when we are all through this and when they do, Hampton staff will be there ready to gauge, assess, intervene and assist all of our students to address any gaps in their learning, achieve modified assessment standards and continue to plan for success beyond school.

During this short period at home, you can assist your child and us by:

  • Sticking to regular routines around school where possible (e.g. Hampton students should be getting up and going to bed at the same time as regular school and ensuring that their school routine starts at the normal school day time each day).
  • Requiring students in Years 7-9 to complete their work in a public part of the house so that you can maintain some accountability (even if you are like me and have to put serious work in to answer your son’s Year 7 mathematics questions!).
  • Try to link as many real life scenarios as possible to the topics your child is studying.
  • Make reading a part of the day for everyone at home. If reading isn’t a passion, discuss current affairs or history. Listen more than you talk, so your child gains the benefit of having to frame a logical argument based on evidence.
  • Ask a lot of questions about the content your child is studying. Asking questions forces them to demonstrate their learning.
  • Take the time to get them enthusiastic about a hobby or topic that interests you or someone else in the family.
  • Conference calls or video chats can still be utilised in Year 11 and 12 for ATAR study as a means of sharing knowledge and continuing to collaborate and study. This will not be necessary for other year groups.
  • If you are unsure of information that your child is learning about, YouTube is your friend! I am yet to find a topic where a YouTube cram has not assisted me to retain some credibility at home in the face of a twelve-year old’s homework questions!

I will continue to communicate with you in the coming weeks via sms, our web page or Facebook as we prepare for any further changes to our learning delivery. This challenging period with lots of adjustments for us all will pass and when it does, Hampton staff will be ready and waiting to return to normal schooling.

I would like to thank all of you for your patience and support this term and wish all of you good health in the coming weeks.

Take care

Mr. Steve Beaton


March 27, 2020

A copy of this letter is available to print if required.

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