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English at Hampton has undergone significant changes over the previous three years with the full implementation of Australian Curriculum in all Lower School courses as well as new WACE Courses of Study for Year 11 and 12, and the development of Year 10 Extension with a focus on ATAR preparedness and Year 10 Training Pathways focusing upon preparedness for senior school.

We have actively sought out best practice from high-achieving schools around the state in preparing concept-based intertextual Units of Study for Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR. These units have been particularly well received by the students. The units focus on: Marginalised Voices; Representations of Disability; the Dystopian Genre; and, Representations of Australia. The Year 11 and Year 12 General courses are rigorous and challenging, many themes focused on the changing world that the students will be required to navigate as young adults.

In an effort to accommodate the dual needs of student engagement and Australian Curriculum requirements, the Year 10 Extension course mirrors much of the conceptual underpinnings of the ATAR courses, and the Training Pathways course offers project-based differentiated tasks where students can drive their own learning developing a degree of autonomy and independent focus based upon individual need, a key requirement of Upper School success. It is in Year 10 that the two distinctive English pathways commence.

It is also in Year 10 that the requirement of the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) commences. Students are allowed six opportunities across Years 10, 11 and 12 to pass these tests in Reading and Writing, and our student success rate has been sound. A large proportion of pour cohort enter Year 10 precluded from sitting the OLNA due to achieving Band 8 in their Year 9 NAPLAN. NAPLAN is not explicitly taught to at Hampton SHS, however concepts are clearly embedded within the course structures of Years 7, 8 and 9. The Year 7 results in the NAPLAN have been particularly pleasing.

In addition to the OLNA and the NAPLAN in Year 7 and Year 9, our Year 12 General students are required to sit an Externally Set Task. Whilst this does not take the form of an exam – there are no exams in the General pathway – it is a legal requirement from SCSA for them to do so.

In English we have strongly articulated Individual Education Plans for all students. We have identified our developing cohort to aspire to achieve beyond ‘C’ grades. We have multiple interventions to enable this process, as well as to address the fundamentals of functional literacy for all. Our focus is always evidence-based utilising all available data.

English at Hampton has had many highlights in recent years: outstanding results in the Write A Book In A Day (WABIAD) competition; outstanding results in the Sorry Day Speech competition; the inaugural Hampton Literature Festival took place in 2016, and will continue in 2017; the annual Hampton Spelling Bee has been a fixture for the last four years; and the Year 12 ATAR students attending a full day of lectures at Curtin University. A record sixty-two students will be participating in the WABIAD this year. Additionally, Hampton SHS is delighted to be hosting the statewide WABIAD Presentation Afternoon Tea in Term 4 this year. This year the Literature Festival will take place at the JS Battye Library with our top seventy students across Years 7 – 10 being invited to workshops conducted by local authors.

The English Learning Area at Hampton SHS is staffed by a group of highly-energised, highly-motivated, innovative teachers who are keen on delivering the best possible educational outcomes for all students.

WABIAD Success

Congratulations to the literacy team on making the press with the success of their recent WABIAD presentation day.

Write A Book In A Day is growing each year and makes literature fun!

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