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Technology and Enterprise


Lower School

Year 8

Students will be provided with materials to design and create your own special burger! Second term is all about snacks: Students will investigate why people snack, the times they snack, and what types of snacks most people enjoy. They will then create a healthy muffin snack with your choice of ingredients.

Year 9

Cooking Up a Storm
Teenagers who have a healthy eating pattern feel good and look good. Food suitable for adolescents can be tasty and interesting as well as healthy.

Ready Steady Let’s Cook
Do you ever eat pizza, hamburgers or fish and chips? These are called “fast foods” and in this course we will study these and other convenience foods in relation to the resources of time, energy, money and the use of modern technology in food preparation.

Personal Life Skills
Students will gain knowledge and skills to help them live independently. Skills include understanding how to make good decisions about nutrition, general health and money

Creative Leisure Crafts
Leisure time is the focus of this course and developing skills in a variety of craft areas to fill time. Students will be involved in a making a variety of craft projects to suit a variety of tastes.

About Babies and Children
About Babies and Children Year 9 provides students with the opportunity to learn more about development of very young children. Students will have the chance to design and make a number of practical items such as meals for babies, clothing and toys.

Year 10

Foods of the World
Variety is the spice of life and with will get a chance to experience a range of tastes and flavours. Join us on a culinary tour where we will explore foods, festivals, and celebrations from around the world. Students have the opportunity to investigate the food of other countries as well as plan and prepare associated dishes.

Easy Entertaining
This course examines food as a symbol of hospitality and involves students planning and preparing food for social occasions. Students will develop specialised food preparation and formal entertaining, culminating in students preparing a meal to be served to guests.

Personal Life Skills
This is a practical based course with students making a variety of articles that will develop students’ skills in entertaining etiquette, personal grooming and building positive self esteem and relationships with others.

Creative Leisure Crafts
Creative Leisure Crafts provides students with the opportunity to understand and improve relationships and how to set dietary goals through a range of activities. Some activities students will participate in are scrapbooking and jewellery making. Christmas cookery and craft are also a part of this course.

Caring for Babies and Children A
Students will learn about contraception, conception, pregnancy and birth, the development of a child, meeting physical needs of babies and children through a range of practical activities.  They will also focus on the role of parents providing for the child’s needs. Students will be exposed to a range of guest speakers including new mothers Some practical activities may include toys, room decorations and meals for babies and children.

Senior School

Year 11

Caring For Others
This course promotes in greater detail, a better understanding of children and explores their development through many practical hands on activities. This course caters for all students, from those seeking career pathways in related industries to those aiming for personal development, parenting and life skills.

Living Independently
Students studying this course will discover and develop a range of skills to help them move from dependence to independence and make wise decisions that will enable them to lead satisfying and productive lives. Skills may be developed through a range of tasks and practical activities.

Food Science Technology – Hospitality
The focus on hospitality training means that students will experience all eight principles of cooking to a commercial standard through practical activities to enhance their culinary skills.

Year 12

Caring For Others
Students studying this course will be responsible for organising and running a playgroup where they develop an understanding of the needs and developmental stages of children. Students will also investigate childhood health issues and studying childhood environmental health issues. A great asset if you are considering working in the field.

Living Independently
At various stages throughout life, individuals live independently either by choice or through unplanned circumstances. This context focuses on youth, with or without additional needs living independently. These skills will be developed through a range of practical activities.

Food Science and Technology – Hospitality
This course of study is a very highly practical course which provides an environment for the students with genuine interest in food to develop food preparation, production and presentation skills. Students will continue to develop their skills of the eight principles of cooking to a commercial standard through practical activities to enhance their culinary skills an after school component maybe required.



Design & Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares young people to live, work in and enjoy the designed and made world. As a school we are re-branding and re-launching the subject ‘Product Design’ previously known as ‘Woodwork’ and ‘Metalwork’ in order to support students to see beyond the two categories. In doing so, we will be allowing our students to aim high for occupations they had never associated with Design & Technology before, some of these include:

  • Prop and Set Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Digital Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Engineer
  • Games Designer
  • Software Developer
  • Advertising
  • Animator
  • Creative Director

At Hampton Senior High School, Product Design provides stimulating opportunities for students to develop their creative designing and making skills combined with knowledge and understanding to create quality and exciting products that have impact on real life. The curriculum has been carefully considered to meet the needs of our students in order to support and extend learning.

We aim to equip students with the skills to think creatively, be socially, morally and environmentally aware and solve problems as individuals and in collaboration with their peers. Students are provided with inspiring opportunities to develop their confidence in using a wide range of tools, materials, equipment and processes. Our projects are carefully devised with cross-curricular links, largely encompassing the STEM initiative.

As a subject we embody the whole school policy of providing students with a broad and balanced experience that will equip them with skills that they can use in the future and prepare them for today’s world of rapidly changing technologies.

The Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed to encourage creativity, experimentation and the development of design knowledge. Making skills are developed and refined through our carefully selected briefs. Students spend two lessons per week (2 hours) within Product Design. Students opt for the subject which lasts two terms (one semester). During this time, students have the opportunity to design and make two products to suit a given brief. The experience is enriched as students have the ability to use their creativity to suit the needs of the given brief. Whilst the designs may be similar to others in the group the outcomes will be individual using materials they see appropriate ranging from different types of woods, metals and plastics.

The Product Design curriculum gives students the ability to use skills from other curriculum areas such as Mathematics for marking and measuring and Science for the basic principles of forces, energy and motion that can be incorporated into design concepts. This embeds knowledge and allows students to understand that subjects are not ‘stand-alone’ and have strong cross curricular links which support learning. Over the course of the semester, students cover the WA curriculum outlined by SCSA.

What’s NEW

At Hampton Senior High School, we endeavour to give our students the opportunity within Product Design to keep up with new technologies and materials.

Laser Cutter:

This year we will be working towards teaching the students CAD/CAM skills in order to create products using the new laser cutter purchased by STEM. This will give students a holistic experience of design in the ‘real world’.

Smart Materials:

Traditionally students have used woods and metals within Design and Technology. It is our aim to introduce smart materials during the year to give students the experience of what other materials exist that can be developed to create exciting products. Materials such as:

  • Thermochromic ink – can be applied to materials which change according to temperature
  • Phosphorescent ink – can be applied to materials which can glow in the dark
  • Photochromic ink – can be applied to materials which change according to light
  • Self-healing products – examples of plastic that self-heal rather than breaking/cracking

3D Printer:

3D printing has become an integral part of the design world. Whilst ICT and STEM have 3D Printers within their departments, it is our aim to collaborate learning with these subject areas to support student learning. Product Design students will be given the opportunity to understand how 3D printed items can be utilised within project briefs to extend learning.

Enrichment Opportunities for the Future

Often students can only see the subject as being ‘current’ or ‘relevant’ when they see how it fits within the world of work. It is our aim to develop a culture within Product Design whereby students feel confident and competent to enter design competitions. As a department we will support and guide the design and making process to create high quality products which they will be proud to submit.