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At Hampton Senior High School our aim is to establish a school culture that is characterised by high expectations for our students, staff and parents. Student engagement through quality teaching is a school priority identified in the School Plan and the Business Plan. Underpinning this is the goal to develop Hampton Senior High School as a centre for best practice in teacher development and student attainment through professional conversation and shared practice. The vision statement, Aspire, Innovate, Achieve requires teachers to embody the following values:

Teachers at Hampton Senior High School;

  • Recognise achievement, aspirations and innovation
  • Provide a high level of safety/accountability
  • Create and maintain interest using a variety of relevant means
  • Are organised and prepared to adapt to a range of situations
  • Demonstrate practical and meaningful teaching and learning opportunities

Our community expects teachers to know each student well: to be able to help each student map their learning pathways to achieve their full potential. Staff at Hampton provide regular feedback to students and parents about learning progress, and if students are not learning teachers will intervene.

To support teachers with student learning the school has a comprehensive student services team which focuses on ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn well. Year coordinators work with Middle School and Senior School Coordinators and Deputies to provide case management for those students who may require intensive support. Our specialist staff also provide services to students across all levels of support required: whole school; year level; classroom; and on an individual basis.

All staff at Hampton Senior High School are encouraged to participate in learning opportunities, whether these be through short professional learning courses, to further study, including postgraduate and masters degrees. At the same time, staff at Hampton are prepared to offer staff from other schools opportunities for professional learning. Hampton is a Teacher Development School for ICT; we have several Morley Network leaders on staff; and teachers and education assistants regularly present learning opportunities within our school.

Coaching or performance conversations underpin the work of all staff at Hampton Senior High School. These are aimed at mediating the thinking of individual staff members so that they take ownership of their professional growth through a reflective process guided by a “coach”. Most staff have completed Classroom Management Strategies, many staff have completed Instructional Strategies training and now the school is embarking on establishing Instructional Rounds to complement and strengthen classroom practice.

All staff at Hampton “go above and beyond”. They are keenly professional and always have students’ best interests at heart and this can be seen in the vast array of extra curricular activities scheduled for students.