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****Next meeting – Monday November 2, 2020 6.45 pm

Hampton Senior High School Parents & Citizens Association Inc.

  • Promoting the interests of the school, through cooperation between parents, teachers, students and
    members of the community.
  • Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school and fostering community interest in educational matters.

Meetings Held in the Library in weeks 4 and 8 of each term.

Parking available via main gate entry.



Jacquelyn Pavy (President) Mobile: 0421 499 917

Nicole Hayes (Secretary) Mobile: 0438 908 315

For previous P&C minutes check the links further below.

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About P&C’s

Parent & Citizen Associations (P&Cs) are a legislated forum in government schools for parents and citizens who want to make a positive difference in public education. P&Cs were formed to be able to:

  • Participate in fundraising for school resources
  • Contribute to working partnerships in the school community
  • Discuss educational matters

Click on the link to download or view WACSSO’s ‘Effective P&C Association’ booklet

WACSSO Effective P&C Assoc Booklet 12

Levels of legal authority:

  • School Education Act 1999
  • School Regulations 2000
  • Associations Incorporation Act 1987
  • P&C Constitution September 2001
  • Any By-laws
  • Any ‘ Terms of Reference’

Click on the link to view or download the current Western Australian ‘P&C Constitution’


Click on the link to view or download any of the ‘Acts’ from the State Law Publisher WA

By participating and supporting your school P&C,  you can make a difference to public education. Go along and become involved  and see your school community grow. The P&C has the ability to improve the children’s learning environment at your school socially and educationally. Take the opportunity to participate and network with other parents to support the future of your kids!

P&C Minutes


Hampton PC Ordinary Meeting Minutes_7 Sept 2020

Hampton P&C Ordinary Meeting Minutes_10 August 2020

Hampton PC AGM Minutes_24 Feb 2020

Hampton PC Ordinary Meeting Minutes_24 February 2020


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