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Hampton SHS Plans and Guidelines.

HSHS Mobile Electronic Devices Plan

In simplest terms, mobile electronic devices [including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables] are not to be used, seen or heard from the time students arrive to the conclusion of the school day (“off and away all day”) without teacher permission. The “school day” includes camps, excursions and/or any venue where students are under supervision of teachers. Particulars of the mobile electronic devices plan are:

  • Students who bring mobile phones to school must place them in their school bags, unless they are being used for approved educational purposes.
  • Mobile phones may not be used at recess or lunchtime. They must be switched off and put away. Phones are not permitted to be charged in the classroom as it is an Occupational, Health and Safety issue.
  • No calls or text messages are to be made or taken during class time, recess and lunchtime. Emergency calls by parents should be directed to the school office on 9270 5700.
  • The school will not be responsible for the loss, misuse or damage of privately owned mobile electronic devices, or any other valuables.
  • In some classes use of mobile phones can be a part of the planned Teaching and Learning Program and permission can only be given by the classroom teacher on that particular day for use of mobile electronic devices.

Inappropriate Use

Students must not record, forward or upload inappropriate material. This includes the recording of fights, bullying and any other incidents. Students must not record staff members or students without their consent.

Students who do not follow teacher instructions regarding the use of mobile electronic devices in the classroom will face the following consequences, documented in the Mobile Electronic Devices Plan 2020

Student Image Information

From time to time photographs or videos are taken of school events or activities.
We use these images in newsletters and in promotional materials.
If you later wish to withdraw your permission for use of your child’s image, please do so in writing to the Principal. It is not necessary for you to detail the reason for your withdrawal of permission.

Attendance Policy

Section 38 of the Education Act (1999) states that “The parent of a child of compulsory school age must ensure that the student attends the school at which he or she is enrolled on days when the school is open for instruction.”

A record of daily attendance must be kept in the school. This record is a legal document.

Under section 38 of the Education Act 1999, if a child is absent from school then a note explaining absence is required within 3 days. This note needs to be dated and state a legitimate reason for the absence. Persistent absenteeism without acceptable reason may result in referral to the appropriate authorities.

Truancy is illegal. Students who truant may be referred to the District Welfare Office or the School Based Truancy Officer.

Students will only be permitted to leave the school grounds with the approval of the Deputy Principal or if parental permission is submitted to Student Services before school. If a student arrives late or needs to leave early they need to submit a note which state a legitimate reason to Student Services and a late note or permission to leave slip will be issued. This is a legal requirement.

If a student is going to be away for more than two weeks, it is the responsibility of the parent to organise work through Student Services.

Parents must advise the school in writing well in advance if taking students on holidays during the school term. The student is to organise work through their teachers to take with them and to catch up on work missed while on holidays. (It is not advisable for students to take extended holidays during the school term as this may affect academic achievement.)

A letter will also be required if a student leaves school before the official end of the school year.

This policy is endorsed by the School Board.
DoE Student Attendance Policy v3.3 & Procedures v3.4

Homework Guidelines for Parents

At Hampton Senior High School homework is part of our practice. Setting homework assists our aim of academic excellence and improvement. Homework is expected by parents and provides an opportunity to extend student learning. Homework should be part of student routine; consolidate student learning; allow time for students to complete work; and prepare students for test situations.

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