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Our school motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (“Hard work conquers all”)

Circuit Maker

Join in celebrating the achievements of our students and staff when we send home our Circuit Maker magazine once a term, with the eldest child in each family.  This provides a snapshot of key events which have occurred each term with articles and many photographs.

2020 Circuit Maker Archives

2019 Circuit Maker Archives

  • Circuit Maker No. 74 December 2019
  • Circuit Maker No. 72 September 2019
  • Circuit Maker No. 72 July 2019
  • Circuit Maker No. 71 May 2019

2018 Circuit Maker Archives

  • Circuit Maker No. 70, December 2018
  • Circuit Maker No. 69, September 2018
  • Circuit Maker No. 68, July 2018
  • Circuit Maker No 67, April 2018