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Gifted &Talented Dance, HSHS Specialist and Enrichment Programs and Workshops

Gifted and Talented Applications

Dates have been announced for 2021 applicationsOpen Monday October 14, 2019 and close Sunday February 9, 2020.

Applications must be made online through the Department of Education.

Online applications open each year in October (for Year 5 students entering the program in Year 7) and close February of the following year.

Top-up testing for students “entering” Years 9, 10 and 11 in 2021 is now available too via the website link

For further information regarding how to apply and eligibility for the Gifted and Talented Dance Program Information,  click here

HSHS Gifted and Talented Dance Brochure

Specialist Program Applications and Workshops

To express your interest in any of these programs and to receive information about upcoming workshops, please complete the Expression of Interest form.  Applicants are required to attend one of the two Selection Workshops which are scheduled approximately May and August of the year prior to commencing at Hampton.  Dates will be advised via this site, Facebook and school publications.

Click here to download the Expression of Interest form for any of the following Specialist Programs.

Frequently asked Q&As are available to view via the enrolments link on this website

Hampton Senior High School provides opportunities for students in Gifted and Talented Dance and three Specialist Programs. Performing Arts – Drama, Information, Communication and Technology and Cheer Dance.  Additionally applications are sought for the Applied Science Program and are required for entry into the Athletics Academy.

Project Edge Workshops

(Find out what it is like first hand to be a part of Hampton’s challenging and dynamic Gifted and Talented Program – see the website page relating to Gifted and Talented Dance for more information)

HSHS Project EDGE Brochure

Project EDGE Expression of Interest Form

For children with a passion for Dance in Years 4 – 6,  a unique opportunity designed to extend and challenge your child to excel in dance performance.

Dates: completed for 2019.  (2020 dates will be announced via this site, Facebook and  school publications).

To be involved in Project EDGE you will need to commit to weekly attendance throughout Term 3 and the performance in the final week of Term 3.

Project ACE  Workshops

Project ACE Flyer

Project ACE Expression of Interest Form

For young passionate performers (Years 5-6) with the opportunity to give students a clear idea of the challenges ahead and with the skills to set themselves up for entry into the Specialist Performing Arts (Drama) Program.

Dates: completed for 2019. (2020 dates will be announced via this site, Facebook and school publications.