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Student Services

Student Council

The Student Services Team at Hampton provides support and pastoral care for all students in the first instance by monitoring their academic achievement, attendance, behaviour and mental health and well-being. Adopting the approach of looking after the whole child, we implement a range of interventions, programs, individual plans and strategies to ensure that every student is well placed to achieve to the best of their potential.

Our Student Services Centre is located in rooms K1 and K2 where students are welcome to sign in and out for attendance, loan uniform items for the day, seek support for any issues of concern or just drop by for a chat.

Our Team

In 2017, the Student Services Team is comprised of the following staff:


Deputy Principal

Middle School (Years 7-9)

Mr Tony Granich

Student Services Manager

Senior School (Years 10-12)

Mr Cary Wong

Year Coordinators


 Ms Jill Thompson


 Ms Lin Yeu


 Mr Andrew Storer


 Ms Leanne Quach


 Mr Rowan Brookes


Ms Nicole Fernandes-Ramos

STEP Coordinator  Mrs Jo Vermeltfoort
Student Support Worker  Ms Jen Attwood
School Psychologist  Ms Jayde Walsh
School Psychologist  Ms Karen Johnson
School Health Consultant  Mr Stephen Hale
AIEO Officer  Miss Kateena Egan
Attendance Officer  Mr Jim Miskelly
School-based Chaplain  Mr Didier Mutanda


This year, we are also pleased to host a range of Postgraduate students from UWA on field placement for their Master of Social Work degrees. For 13 weeks at a time two Social Work students will work in Student Services to provide support for our students’ social and emotional well-being.

Our Programs


Vivo Miles is an online rewards system for promoting positive behaviour

  • Vivo Miles is the new way to be rewarded as students progress through their school life
  • Teachers will award students for positive behaviour with electronic points called Vivos
  • Students can spend their Vivos on an exciting range of products on the website
  • Every student is given a personalised Vivo account, very much like a frequent flyers account
  • Students can check how many Vivos they have been awarded by logging on to their account through the website
  • Parents can also be given a login so that they can monitor how their child is progressing.
  • We hope students and parents find Vivo Miles an exciting and relevant way for students to be rewarded for their hard-work, effort and contribution to the school
  • Once a term, four students from each Year Group are nominated to receive a P&C Award which includes a prize of 2500 Vivos.

Link to Vivo Miles : Vivo Miles

Reward Events

Year 7 pool party        School ball

To encourage consistent attendance, positive behaviour and keeping Good Standing, our Year Coordinators run a range of events to which students who demonstrate the aforementioned criteria are invited to participate. For Middle School students, we have held pool parties, excursions and school socials. For Senior School, the Annual School Ball is traditionally a highlight of the school year.

Special Partnership Programs

abc logo

Hampton has formed a partnership with Act Belong Commit, an health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing by being active, having a sense of belonging and having a purpose in life. Every year we run two whole school events for Harmony Day and RUOK Day to help promote awareness of issues related to cultural diversity, mental health participating positively within the school community.