Student Wellbeing

Your child may be experiencing a range of complex emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, confusion, sadness, or disbelief in response to Covid-19. It is important to remember that these are normal reactions at a not normal time. We encourage all students and families to keep engaged with activities that support your wellbeing that you are still able to do, but also wanted to provide our students and families with information about additional supports and resources that are available.

The Department of Education WA has launched the Learning at home website, that provides advice and resources for parents and carers, educators and students. This includes a wide range of resources and information related to the impact of COVID-19 on students’ health and wellbeing and the impact on families.  It also includes vital details about health, mental health and wellbeing services available at this time. The Student Services Team at Hampton have also identified a number of additional resources listed below that may be helpful to our students and families as we respond to this situation together.

Jayde Walsh and Karen Johnson
Hampton SHS School Psychologists

North Metropolitan Education Region