Has your child left school, still getting messages?

Parent/Guardian information regarding the schools text messaging system:

Please note that the messaging system on the schools student database is set up to send messages to the parent/guardian of the eldest child in the family.

How does this affect you?

The student database rolls over at the end of the school year which means that until this occurs you may still receive information text messages from the school.  Once the ‘leavers’ are removed from the database, the next eldest child becomes the prompt (the Family Mail Marker) for messages to be sent to families. Or messages will cease if the ‘leaver’ is your last child to attend Hampton SHS (or was your only child to attend Hampton SHS).

Question: Parents/guardians ask – Can you please stop sending messages, as my child has now left the school?

Response: Please bear with us for the remaining few weeks of Term 4 and the messages will cease.