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Year 12s Important Information

Class of 2020!

Note: Further information regarding the Presentation Ceremony and Year 12 will be given to Year 12s and their families during the course of the next few months prior to graduating.

One of the first items we would like to share is a request which has gone out to students already, we hope parents, relatives and caregivers will help it come to fruition.  Several students have mentioned this to their families and we thank  those of you who have already returned your letters to participate.


As a way to recognise how far your child has come from Year 7 through to the end of their schooling life in Year 12, I am asking for a letter. A letter to be written by their parents, carers and/or family, or they can even write a letter to themselves. This letter can contain anything that you wish, keeping in mind, it is a message that your child will be reading on their last day at Hampton SHS, highlighting their aspirations, innovations and achievements throughout high school. You may have more than one family member who would like to share in this, not a problem!

Please seal all the letters in an envelope with your child’s full name on the front. They can be returned to school and handed into Reception or alternatively forward to me via an email.  I will hold onto all of your letters and give them to your child during the morning of the Year 12 Breakfast.

A wonderful keepsake to reflect, recognise and remember.  As far as letters go, this will be a great letter to receive, when the only mail they will likely receive will be bills!

Thank you again

Leanne Quach

Year 12 Coordinator


Class of 2019

Michel Pelias (School Captain)

The 2019 Presentation Night was held on Friday October 25, 2019.  Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2019 and the award winners listed below.

Please note: All students and parents will be advised when the professional photographs taken during the evening are available.

Good luck and best wishes to all of the Year 12 students.  Keep up the good work, take care of yourselves during exam time, stay in touch and update the school regularly on your successes.

Hampton Dux Award
2015 Jainish Pithadiya
2016 Vikesh Varsani
2017 Thomas Bell
2018 Andrei Angeles
2019 Ben Medrano

Hampton VET (Achievement) Dux

2015 Hayden Francis
2016 Rowan Crystal
2017 Rose Bettella
2018 Christy Damaica Bandalan
2019 Shaylee Kirkup

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics ATAR

2016 Vikesh Varsani
2017 Khushit Patel
2018 Andrei Angeles
2019 Jordan Yang

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics VET

 2016 Rowan Crystal
 2017 Jon-Luke Willemsen
 2018 Callum Dunne
 2019 Dylan Findlay

Hampton Perseverance Award (Hon. David Kelly)

2015 Susan Caylun
2016 Blake Kennett
2017 Fatima Wali Ali
2018 Samaria Fayad Callum Evans
2019 Mikayla James  

Hampton Endeavour Award

2015 Charlotte Niedzielski
2016 Kristian Sapere
2017 Isaac Frizzell
2018 Briana Prince-Wright Patrick Truong
2019 Adele Stewart  

Hampton Dedication Award

2015 Jayden Drown
2016 Andrew Yau
2017 Ewain McCauley
2018 Chyla Sanders
2019 Shaylee Kirkup

City of Swan – School Service Award/Commitment to Excellence Award

2015 Annette Barlow Mariam Wali Ali
2016 Brianna Petrovski Ayla Suljic
2018 Hayden Suero, Christy Damaica Bandalan
2019 Michel Pelias  

Donna Faragher MLC Leadership and Service Award

2017 Joanne White Brayden Mould
2018 Samuel Bourke
2019 Michel Pelias

North Metropolitan Education Region – Commitment to Excellence Award

2015 Jade Marchesani
2016 Brianna Yarran
2017 Beatrice Panganiban
2018 Geena Gill
2019 Madison Bunn

Dave MacDonald Sportsman of the Year Award

2015 Tyrone Riley
2016 Deeanah Cooper
2017 Nathan Hardwick
2018 Sheldyn Cooper
2019 Tarrant Venema

City of Bayswater – Young Citizens Community Service Award

2015 Annette Barlow
2016 Ayla Suljic
2017 Meliq Pinna
2018 Jessica Morley
2019 Colby Gaynes


Certificate of Academic Excellence Awards

Congratulations to the following students on receiving Certificate of Academic Excellence Awards.  These certificates are awarded to eligible students, who in their last three consecutive years of secondary school WACE enrolment, achieved high grades in course units or equivalents.

We are delighted that in 2019, 3 students have qualified for this certificate:

  • Sarah Halton
  • Sarah Hayes
  • Michel Pelias