Year 7 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations to those students who have had their Year 7 enrolment application accepted for Hampton SHS.  It was fantastic to see so many new faces at the recent Year 6 Orientation Day.

Thank you to those parents who came along to the parent presentation. An overview of the session is detailed below and some of the concerns and questions raised by parents are available to view  Frequently Asked Questions 

Parents were welcomed by Tony Granich, Deputy Principal/Student Services who gave an insight into what your child can expect for Year 7 at Hampton SHS.  There was a lot of information given out on the day and an overview of some of the topics mentioned is here for your reference.

Year 7 numbers have increased over the past few years from 120 to 170 to 180.  We believe this is due to the exceptional pastoral and academic care given to students. Tracking and monitoring of students occurs to ensure they have a pathway by the time they leave school, whether it is an Academic pathway to University or TAFE or a trade pathway leading to an apprenticeship.

We are building a culture where students are proud to attend HSHS.  The majority of students are wearing uniform and this has been successfully achieved partly by collaboration with the students.  They designed their own windcheater for winter and are happily wearing it.  Wearing of uniform is required to comply with the schools Dress Code, Good Standing and Citizenship recognition.  It also identifies those who are students and makes identification of any possible outsiders on school grounds. Financial assistance is available.

Attendance – If a child misses 1 day per week, they can be over a year behind academically.  90% or better attendance is the accepted standard. Any absences during term time due to interstate or overseas holidays must be kept to a minimum and notification to the School Principal is required in advance.

Hampton Senior High School offers every student the opportunity to succeed and there is something for everyone to be involved in at HSHS.  Encourage your child to get involved in the programs and activities at Hampton, don’t hold back give them a go. Bush Ranger Cadets is a fantastic program. Specialist and Enrichment programs – If your child is enrolled at Hampton, but now finds an interest in one of the many Specialist and Enrichment programs, there may still be an opportunity to register. Speak with the Year 7 PLC – Maria D’Cunha.

Communication between parents and school is paramount and we encourage all parents/guardians to make contact, ask questions and follow up for any information you require. The Year 7 PLC (Professional Learning Coordinator) Maria D’Cunha will be available for you to contact by email Your child will have a number of teachers at High School and they are all available for contact. Email to teachers is the best form of communication, all staff emails are available on the school’s website and will be updated at the beginning of the year ready for the 2020 school timetable.

Concerns regarding Year 7s mixing with a large number of older students.  Any concerns should be allayed as Year 7 students have a specific area designated for their free time (recess and lunch breaks).  Senior school students use the front of the school and you will find the year groups keep to themselves.

Prepare your child – students are sometimes nervous especially if they think they won’t know anyone or don’t have any friends attending.  Hampton has a number of students from 6 local intake schools, but the reach is much further afield as many as 22 schools due to children entering the Specialist and Enrichment programs at the school.  Therefore, many students don’t necessarily have a core group of friends and our Year 7 teachers are trained to oversee the transition and have requested the opportunity to work with Year 7s.

Social Media – There is no need for Year 7 students to have a Social Media account, they will not be using it at school. Hold fast as a parent and don’t be pushed into “Everyone in my year has Facebook, Instagram, etc. etc.”. So many problems occur with the mis-use of social media. Information is catastrophised and embellished and young people are still learning to deal with flight or fight mode, they have a tendency to over dramatise.  Once again, communication with the school is key, if there is an issue or something worrying your child, please contact either a teacher or Student Services.

Mobile Electronic Devices Plan – A Mobile Electronic Devices Plan was introduced at HSHS in Term 3 this year, where students were not allowed to use their mobile phones during class.  It has been very successful and working well. However, you may have recently read in the press that the government (Minister for Education) has now created a Mobile policy which means no mobiles to be used by students at school at any time, including recess and lunchtimes.  More information will follow once this is implemented.

Student Engagement Plan – The first course of action regarding behaviour issues is not necessarily a suspension.  Counselling by Student Services will check for any underlying issues and hopefully find a resolution.

Positive Language Plan –  The school will actively work with students during 2020 to reinforce the Positive Language Plan.  We are a multi-cultural school in a multi-cultural nation and racist language is not acceptable. Students will be taught in class what is considered to be inappropriate, including sexist comments.  This is to assist students to recognise language which would not be acceptable in a work place.

If you have not already applied for your child to attend Year 7 at Hampton SHS, please ensure you apply as soon as possible. Please call the school if you require any assistance with your application Tel: 9270 5700 and we will be happy to help.