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We are Hampton

Hampton Senior High School has a proud tradition in our local community, built over 50 years, as an Independent Public School whose graduates are recognised for the strength of their character alongside the quality of their academic performance. The lure of our Gifted and Talented Dance Program and our accreditation as a Specialist School for Digital Technologies, Drama and Cheer Dance, attracts students from a wide range of schools across the State, with each adding to the diverse cultural, linguistic and aspirational nature of our school population.


What keeps the students here, helps them thrive and promotes pride in the oft-used phrase β€œWe are Hampton” is the professional knowledge, practice and engagement of our staff who endeavour to ensure everyone has the chance to live our school vision – Aspire, Innovate, Achieve.

Multiple Pathways To Success

We have a commitment to ensure that our students have every opportunity to capitalise on their strengths to achieve success in their endeavours. Our diverse programmes readily prepare all students whether they pursue vocational, academic or specialist streams.

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Beyond the Classroom

We have a commitment to ensuring that our students have access to nationwide essential systems and are well equipped to take advantage of the possibilities of new initiatives. Offering the possibility to explore real world learning that goes beyond the classroom.

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Follow The Dream

Our Follow the Dream program for Aboriginal students and Cadet (Bush Rangers) program engage students in a variety of learning opportunities, providing them with activities and educational experiences to improve their engagement, performance and pride.

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Preparing For The Future

We utilise digital technologies as an integral component of learning and teaching programs safely and responsibly. Thoughtful use of technology throughout the curriculum improves engagement and encourages collaboration. It allows students to prepare for the fast paced digital world by developing their confidence, communication and leadership skills.

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Gifted and Talented Program

Our school offers your child a variety of specialist and enrichment programs. Our Gifted and Talented Dance Program is highly regarded and is one of only two such programs in the State.


We also offer Specialist Programs in Digital Technologies, Cheer Dance and Performing Arts (Drama). We also provide school-based enrichment programs in applied science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and an Athletics Academy.

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Share In Our Journey

We are proud of our school community and the positive relationships we build to provide the base from which our academic and pastoral care initiatives achieve results. Connect with us and see how we inspire, innovate and achieve in all we do.

Helpful Resources

We aim to provide the tools for students to successfully engage and perform in every aspect of their journey through secondary education.

Here are some useful resources to get you through each and every day.