Parent Information

Parent Permissions



Students attending secondary schools or colleges are entitled to concession travel on Transperth services.  To obtain the concession entitlement, students must produce a student travel permit when using the services.


Hampton Senior High School combines the Transperth SmartRider card and Library card.  A card is issued free of charge to all students in Years 7 and again in Year 11 (when the student photograph is updated).

SmartRiders are also issued to any new students enrolling at HSHS throughout the year. Student applications are processed in the Library at which time a student photograph will be taken for the card.


If a card is lost, a replacement card incurs a $5.00 fee.  SmartRider application forms are included in enrolment packs and available from Student Services and the Library.

Other Permissions

School photos

The student database at school requires an up to date photograph of each student to be held.  Each year students are photographed at school and the student records are updated.


These photographs are not publicised externally, except when used for the issue of the SmartRider public transport ID cards.


At various times during high school, immunisations are offered by the Department of Health’s Community Health team, at Hampton.


Detailed information regarding the specific immunisation offered and a consent form is issued to parents/guardians.


Students will only be immunised with a parent or guardians consent.

The 2024 School Based Immunisation Program is transitioning to an online platform. The introduction of
VaccinateWA (VWA) as an online platform will be used to gain parent/guardian consent and record
vaccines delivered into the Australian Immunisation Register. For detailed instructions on how to register
your child, including information relating to the relevant disease transmission and symptoms, please
visit School-based immunisation program (

 Parents may also take their child to their own GP if preferred and additionally have the option to decline consent.

Consent form


Throughout the school year, excursions (external) or incursions (held at school) are offered to students.


The school carefully plans all aspects to ensure the health and safety of students is prioritised and value added to the curriculum. In some cases, the excursion/incursion may be a reward to acknowledge positive behaviour and achievements.


All details regarding any excursion/incursion are given to parents/guardians, the school will follow up for the return of the relevant consent forms.  These must be received at the school prior to the student attending the excursion/incursion.

Online Third Party Consent

Our school provides access to Department of Education online services. These enhance the contemporary learning opportunities available to students and the range of teaching tools available to staff to deliver the Western Australian Curriculum. Under recent changes to the Students Online in Public School Policy we are required to advise parents/carers of the third-party services that are being used at our school and seek permission for this usage to continue.



The Department of Education online services currently provide students with access to:

  • individual email and calendar accounts;
  • the internet, with all reasonable care taken by central office and schools to monitor and control students’ access to websites while at school;
  • online teaching and learning services such as Connect, web-conferencing and digital resources;
  • online file storage and sharing services; and
  • these online services at locations other than school.



Applications that you should be notified of are available here (Appendix G)

Applications that require your consent have been advised at the time of enrolment. Click here for this list. (Appendix H).