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Specialist Digital Technologies

Specialist Digital Technologies

Approved Specialist Digital Technologies Program – Hampton has a well-established approved Specialist Digital Technologies Program.  The program is a four year program from Year 7 to Year 10.  Our staff have different areas of expertise within the Information Technology area and also draw on other networks beyond school to deliver a quality program. In keeping with the very dynamic and constantly changing nature of technology and its varied forms, students are exposed to a range of skills at different levels. 


Application Process –   Year 6 students are required to apply online by:


For all other years please apply via the expression of interest form below:


Frequently asked Q&As are available to view via the enrolments page.


Specialist and Enrichment Program expression of interest forms are also located at the back of the brochure.

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Our school motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (“Hard work conquers all”)

Course Aims –  The aim of the specialist program is to foster the strong interest that students have in Information Technology (IT).  They have many opportunities to develop a range of skills and knowledge over the four years, through various interesting and challenging tasks.  Additionally, the program aims to develop their ability to communicate with confidence, manage their time, work collaboratively and effectively, identify their leadership skills and build resilience through ‘FLearning’ (Learning through failure, Learning with fun).  Students who are open to all different aspects of IT, willing to work with others and independently will find it exciting, challenging and rewarding.

A key focus of the program is involvement with robotics in competitions.  Numerous industries are becoming more automated and the underlying IT skills to design, build and program these machines have given many a scientist or engineer the ability to convert and idea into reality.


Pathways – Many students have chosen a pathway in Senior School and beyond that involves IT in areas such as web design, networking, game development, computer science, graphics, anti-terrorism and security.  Others have used their knowledge in other career pathways with a reliance on IT, such as engineering and architecture.