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Specialised Learning Program – Autism

Hampton Senior High School’s Specialised Learning Program (SLP) for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) supports the individual needs of students and aims to provide a greater opportunity for engagement. The Year 7 – 12 program provides education and support for the social and emotional development of students with ASD who have the potential to achieve academic success in mainstream schooling and beyond. Students may apply from within or outside school boundaries.


Each student works towards achieving their goals in a caring and supportive environment which acknowledges their unique learning profile. The SLP is an evidence-based program reflective of current best practice research and is supported by the School of Special Education Needs.


Students undertake an individual program of mainstream and intervention lessons that focus on developing skills around self-regulation and social skills while working closely with their SLP teacher or education assistant.


The Specialist Learning Program will feature quality teacher and education assistant support, a homeroom for study and organisation support, a private supervised space at recess and lunchtime, a specialised personal and social capabilities program supported through community access. This provides students with extra learning opportunities after which they return to their mainstream class.


Student transition out of the program into mainstream schooling, once they have demonstrated they have achieved the exit criteria.


Expressions of Interest


*Expressions of Interest are now closed*


In October 2022 the Minister for Education and Training announced that Hampton SHS will open a Specialist Program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In partnership with Hampton Park Primary School, we are very proud to be the first schools in the new additional locations for 2023. The program provides specialist and intensive support to students with autism – without intellectual impairment – who have the capacity to learn at or near their academic year level standard with support but may have specific social and emotional development needs that are related to their autism.


Please contact Reception or email [email protected] with any enquiries.

Click here for the Minister’s announcement and for information regarding the Specialised Learning Programs.  General Information and FAQs are available above.