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Specialist Cheer Dance

Specialist Cheer Dance

The Specialist Cheer Dance Program at Hampton SHS encourages team spirit and camaraderie and promotes fun, fitness and friendships. Cheerleading is a performance based sport that combines elements of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. It is the ultimate team sport, as it relies on every member of the team to be successful, resulting in developed confidence, coordination, trust and team work. 


Specialist Cheer/Dance requires students to learn and showcase routines at state championships as well as school-based performance opportunities. We work to continually develop skills through tumbling, stunting and jumping in class to ensure that all athletes are confident and excited to perform as a team. 


The Hampton Reign cheerleading program was introduced in 2010. In its inaugural year the team was highly successful, winning a number of state competitions. There is a commitment expected from the teams that they will train and perform a significant number of hours to perfect their performance and continually develop their skills.


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Frequently asked Q&As are available to view via the enrolments page.


Specialist and Enrichment Program expression of interest forms are located at the back of the brochure.