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Family Update links to Connect and Respect

The following family update has been emailed to all families 10 August 2023.  The update contains important information regarding –

  • Connect and respect
  • New staff
  • Access to free period products
  • Change of buildings

Family Update August 2023

Connect and respect

Connect and respect – Engagement

Connect and respect – Escalation

Connect and respect – Expectations


Year 10 Immunisations

Year 10 immunisations will be happening on Wednesday August 2, 2023. Please click on the link for important information regarding immunisation consent forms.

Year 10 Immunisations Letter for Families


Principal’s Family Update

The following family update has been emailed to all families 6 June 2023.  The update contains important information regarding –

  • Curriculum Updates
  • New Staff
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews

Family Update June 2023


Course Selection for Year 11, 2024


(Please use the language translator at the top of the website page to read the following in a language of your choice, or alternatively request to book an interpreter)

Dear Families


Hampton Senior High School offers comprehensive course selection processes for students transitioning into Year 11.  As part of this process, current Year 10 students are invited to enrol in Year 11 (2024) at Hampton Senior High School.


WACE and Pathway Information Sessions 1-4

Year 10 students will complete four sessions prior to course selection interviews. During these sessions, students will learn about the requirements to achieve WACE and the pathway options available to them in Senior School. Between sessions, students will have time to reflect and independently research careers and courses that interest them.


Part 1: Parent/Guardian Information Evening and Career EXPO – Tuesday June 20

Family representative and Year 10 students are invited to attend the Year 11 Course Selection Evening and Expo.

ExpoSchool ICT centre6.00pm- 7.00pm.
Information sessionSchool Library7.00pm - 8.00pm.

Both sessions are designed to assist you and your child to plan their future pathway and prepare for the course selection interview.


Selection Counsellors

Each Mathematics class is assigned to a specific counsellor. Students are encouraged to see their counsellor prior to selection interviews if they have any questions or require support. Please book an appointment online through SOBS with the counsellor assigned to your child.


The counsellors are assigned below:


  • 10MATHS_1: Ms Madeline Sinagra
  • 10MATHS_2: Mr Tony Granich
  • 10MATHS_3: Ms Carolyn Woodacre
  • 10MATHS_4: Mr Luke Chapman
  • 10MATHS_5: Mr Cary Wong
  • 10MATHS_6: Mr Rowan Brookes


Part 2: Course Selection Interviews June 22 – June 30, 2023

The second stage of the course selection process entails an interview conducted with each student and their family representative.  This is an important stage in course selection as often it is the first time students make choices that relate specifically to their future.  The interview is offered to all family representatives and students and is an opportunity to discuss options for Year 11 as well as completing the enrolment process for 2024.  These sessions will be available during the following times only.


Term 2, Weeks 9 & 10Thursday June 22 – Friday June 30, 20239.00am – 2.20pm
Venue:Hampton Senior High School Library

All appointments are for 20 minutes. Students should come to this meeting prepared with the relevant reflections and research complete. Students are expected to meet their family representative at Reception 5 minutes prior to the appointment time and then escort them to the School Library.


50% deposit is payable to secure student course selections.  Deposits can be paid on the day of the interview. Payment plans are available and Mrs McKinnely will be available during the selection interview period to set up payment plans, if required. All deposits must be paid by November 24, 2023.


Important:  Please log in to book or request assistance as soon as possible.

If you have any difficulties scheduling an appointment, please phone the school reception on 6235 7100

To schedule your interview please access SOBS online and book in with your child’s assigned counsellor:


Students will have been given access to the Year 11 2024 Course Selection Handbook (as a subject selection guide) prior to this date and we expect students to discuss their options with their family representatives prior to attending selection appointments.


We look forward to your attendance at a course selection interview.  This is an important occasion for your child in choosing their future pathways.


Madeline Sinagra

Deputy Principal

May 12, 2023


Term 2 Uniform Reminder

A significant part of our “raising standards” focus during term 1 was the school uniform. The
majority of students have done a wonderful job wearing the Hampton dress code each day. Coming
into the colder months, we wanted to remind you of a couple of key points:


1. Leggings (and bike shorts) are not allowed to be worn.
2. Students can wear a plain navy or white long sleeved top underneath their Hampton polo
3. Nell Gray in Inglewood have a full selection of uniforms available
4. All pants must be navy blue
5. Plain (no logos visible) navy blue shorts, skirts, pants and jumpers purchased from Best & Less, Kmart, Big W etc are allowed to be worn.
6. Hoods are not allowed on any top
7. Students will be sent to Student Services to get changed if they are not in the correct uniform. We have purchased a significant amount of plain navy clothing that students will be required
to get changed into.
8. Students who repeatedly choose not to wear the uniform in each class will receive detention
from Week 1, Term 2.


Please help us to ensure your child wears the Hampton uniform to represent our school proudly in the


Principal’s Family Update

The following family update has been sent to all families April 7, 2023.  The update contains important information regarding –

  • Important dates coming up
  • Uniform
  • Good Standing
  • Term 1 Highlights

Principal Family Update 7.4.2023 


ATAR Examinations

All Year 11 and Year 12 students will not be required to attend school for their normal school timetable during the examination period Term 2, Week 5 and 6 (22 – 31 May)

Please click the link for more information on what days students are required to attend.

Year 11 and Year 12 ATAR Examinations


Change to P&C Meeting – Monday March 20, 2023

Today we will have a different format and time for our P&C meeting with an extraordinary meeting. We welcome the members of the School Board together with the members of the P&C to a presentation by HoLAs (Heads of Learning Areas). As always, we invite all families to attend.

The presentation will take place in the Library directly after school at 3.00 pm.



Good Standing Policy

On February 22 a copy of Hampton’s Good Standing Policy was sent home with students. We require parents/guardians to take the time to read through the policy with their child and complete the form attached. Once signed please return to Admin Services.

Good Standing Policy



NAPLAN testing begins in week 7 for Year 7 and 9 students. Please click the link for more information.

NAPLAN Information for Parents and Carers


Year 7 Immunisations

Year 7 immunisations will be happening on Tuesday February 28, 2023. Please click on the link for important information regarding immunisation consent forms.

Year 7 Immunisations Letter for Families


ChatGP information from the Department of Education, Director General Lisa Rodgers

You may have heard ews reports regarding an application which can be used to create assessments and assignments.  Schools have been asked to share the following information by the Department of Education.

ChatGP information from DoE


Instrumental Music School Services (IMMS)

Thank you to those families who have expressed an interest in the IMMS program. Please click on the link to view details regarding the next step which is the testing process.

IMMS Testing Letter for Families


SEQTA Engage

The following update has been sent to all families via sms on 3 February 2023.

SEQTA Engage Family Letter

SEQTA Engage Instructions for Families


Principal’s Family Update

The following family update has been sent to all families 31 January 2023.  The update contains important information regarding –

  • Welcome to 2023
  • First day of term for students Wednesday February 1, 2023
  • Uniform Policy
  • Good Standing Policy
  • COVID Update

Family Update January 2023



Principal’s Family Update

The following family update has been emailed to all families 20 October 2022.  The update contains important information regarding –

  • HSHS selection as a centre for the Autism Specialist Program 2023
  • Instrumental Music School Services to commence at HSHS 2023
  • Gifted and Talented Program Information Night
  • HSHS Art and Beautification update
  • Changes to Reporting
  • COVID update
  • Year 12 Graduation
  • Planning for 2023

Family update October 2022


Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

As part of Hampton Senior High School’s dedication to promoting student mental health and social/emotional wellbeing.  Your child may have accessed support from the Student Services Team.  The school will be closed for the upcoming school holiday break commencing on Monday September 26 until students return on Monday October 10, 2022.  This letter contains a number of support options should you have concerns over the school holidays  Family support letter


Communication with families is also shared via email, SMS, Facebook and this website.

It is vital that you notify the school with any changes to your email address and mobile number.  Details can be sent via our contact form here.

Our school motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (“Hard work conquers all”)

Circuit Maker

In the past the Circuit Maker Magazine was sent home with the eldest child of the family at the end of each term. It provided a snapshot of key events for the term with articles and many photographs. To enable our community to receive news about school events as they happen, we now use Social Media, website and direct communication.


Enjoy reading and celebrating the wonderful achievements of our students and staff.

Gifted and Talented Parent information Evening | November 14Book Here