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Specialist Performing Arts – Drama

Specialist Drama

Hampton Senior High School excels in Drama. A strong program is offered from Year 7 Specialist Performing Arts Drama to Year 12 Drama. The Performing Arts is embedded firmly in the culture of Hampton Senior High School.


Performing on stage in a variety of roles, forms an integral part of the Specialist Performing Arts (Drama) program. Students perform in innovative productions directed by experienced staff and qualified tutors to a variety of audiences. Students are able to enrol in the Performing Arts (Drama) Program as a specialist subject from Years 7-10 and participate in class and performance work as part of the curriculum.


Students develop their performance skills & knowledge with four contact hours per week. Students will perform in a variety of genres and contexts and Performing Arts students are encouraged to participate in the Annual Hampton Senior High School Production.


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Frequently asked Q&As are available to view via the enrolments page.


Specialist and Enrichment Program expression of interest forms are also located at the back of the brochure.

Our school motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (“Hard work conquers all”)

The Specialist Performing Arts (Drama) program provides students with a solid foundation in Drama. Year 7 and 8 students are provided with a solid introduction to movement, vocal skills and improvisation work. During Years 9 and 10 students broaden their knowledge base with the introduction of form and style. Political theatre, stage combat, Commedia dell’arte, melodrama and documentary drama styles have all been favourites of students in the past. A strong integration of media and IT is utilised in many performance tasks to ensure that students are exposed to the most recent and up to date theatre and acting techniques. Design and Production roles are also taught in our fully equipped theatre, containing a full lighting grid, sound board and data projector.


Our students’ talents in drama and performance are enriched through experiences in acting, developing their vocal, improvisation and characterisation skills. They have opportunities to develop self-devised and scripted performances for both stage and screen and build knowledge and experience in production roles, including lighting, stage management and design. Through increased confidence and experiences in performing, your child will shine both on and off stage in this fantastic program.


Specialist Performing Arts (Drama) courses are designed to hone life skills and develop a broad range of knowledge for students to succeed in Performing Arts. Many of our students participate for enjoyment, whereas others further their performing arts education at institutions such as WAAPA or further their acting careers on stage or screen.


Whilst in the Specialist Performing Arts (Drama) program, students will have many opportunities to perform in events such as arts festivals, year assemblies, drama nights and school productions. To enhance the depth of learning in the program, students will be required to participate in before/after school programs and workshops that are sometimes scheduled for the weekend.


Students can select to continue to study Drama in Senior School. Year 11 and 12 Drama provides students with the opportunity to further extend their skills. Our new ATAR and General Drama courses offer students exciting prospects such as theatre excursions, specialist direction from guest directors, play-building, script-work and group ensemble and solo performances.


Our Performing Arts teaching staff have all moved into teaching from highly successful careers in the Performing Arts industry. They have enjoyed success in gaining numerous lead and supporting stage, film and TV roles, both in Perth and Eastern states productions. These include roles on stage for the Australian Shakespeare Company as well as large film/TV productions such as The Knowing and City Homicide working alongside actors Nicholas Cage, and Daniel Macpherson, among others. Their passion for the performing arts can also be seen with the nurturing and development of new Australian writers through numerous script writing groups.


Several of our students have gone on to further success in careers and education, including performing on stage or TV, signing by US casting agents, admission to WAAPA and into secondary Drama teaching