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Year 8 Curriculum

Year 8 Curriculum

Students continue to experience the breadth curriculum in Year 8, based on the Western Australian Curriculum (WAC) and which can be viewed at www.scsa.wa.edu.au.


The weekly program includes:

  • Four hours of Maths, English, Science and HaSS (Humanities and Social Sciences) each = 16 hours
  • One hour of Health Education (all year)
  • Two hours of Physical Education (all year)
  • Two hours of Digital Technologies (ICT) (all year)


Unless students have been selected to join an enrichment course (see below), students in Year 8 can select four elective courses (two per semester). These choices are available through the Course Selection Handbook.

General Year 8 student

  • 1 Elective from Home Economics (T&E)
  • 1 Elective from STEM
  • 2 Electives from The Arts Learning Area

Students who were in the Gifted and Talented Program for Dance or in a Department of Education approved or enrichment courses will have fewer choices to enable them develop their specialist skills with extra time. Teachers may also review their attendance, behaviour and achievement in these courses. Those students who do not continue to strive to succeed in their chosen course may be subject to review prior to enrolment for the following year. All these courses may include additional time commitments that occur before or after school or on weekends and require the support of their parents to ensure that these requirements are met.


SPECIALIST PATHWAY 1 –   Gifted and Talented Dance student or Specialist Performing Arts student or Specialist Cheer Dance student

  • 1 Elective from Home Economics (T&E)
  • 1 Elective from STEM


SPECIALIST PATHWAY 2 – Specialist Digital Technologies student or Athletics Academy

  • 1 Elective from The Arts Learning Area
  • 1 Elective from STEM or Home Economics (T&E)


Regular and punctual attendance and participation is key to success at school. Over 90% is the expected standard of attendance for the year.

To support our students beyond the classroom, the Homework Club on Mondays and Tuesdays, held in the Library from 3pm to 4pm is supervised by staff. It is a place where students have access to technology and support if required or just a quiet place to study on their own or with friends.

Year 8 Handbook