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We were pleased to assist in the making of the Department of Education’s recent Attendance video.  Featuring the Hampton SHS Specialist Performing Arts Drama students and partly filmed ‘on location’ at Hampton.


Every Day Matters – 10 Point Plan To Improve Attendance


Late Arrivals – Students are expected to have a note from their parent or guardian explaining their late arrival and sign in at Student Services – Attendance officer


Parents will receive an SMS if their child is not in class morning and afternoon.


Appointments – If you know of the early leave requirement prior to your child starting school that day, please send a note with your child to be handed in to the Attendance Officer in Student Services on arrival. It is important that this is not handed directly to a classroom teacher. The Attendance Officer will create a ‘Leave Pass’ for your child which will allow him/her to be excused from class at the required time.


Explanation of Absence –  If absent, a note of explanation or appointment letter is required on the day or return to school.

Please advise the school by using one of the following methods.

  • Send an SMS to 0407 192 197 (text message only), this service is available 24/7
  • Use the Compass Mobile App – Attendance Note
  • Telephone at your earliest opportunity 6235 7197 (speak to our Attendance Officer or leave a message which will be acted upon as soon as possible)
  • By email to [email protected]


Students Unwell –  If a student is feeling unwell, they need to go to Student Services where a phone call will be made home and arrangements made for their care.


Students should not use their mobile phone to phone parents directly.