Parent Information



Late Arrivals – Students are expected to have a note from their parent or guardian explaining their late arrival and sign in at Student Services – Attendance officer


Parents will receive an SMS if their child is not in class morning and afternoon.


Appointments – If you know of the early leave requirement prior to your child starting school that day, please send a note with your child to be handed in to the Attendance Officer in Student Services on arrival. It is important that this is not handed directly to a classroom teacher. The Attendance Officer will create a ‘Leave Pass’ for your child which will allow him/her to be excused from class at the required time.


Explanation of Absence –  If absent, a note of explanation or appointment letter is required on the day or return to school.

Please advise the school by using one of the following methods.

  • Send an SMS to 0407 192 197 (text message only), this service is available 24/7
  • Use the SZ Mobile App – Absentee tab
  • Telephone at your earliest opportunity 6235 7197 (speak to our Attendance Officer or leave a message which will be acted upon as soon as possible)
  • By email to [email protected]


Students Unwell –  If a student is feeling unwell, they need to go to Student Services where a phone call will be made home and arrangements made for their care.


Students should not use their mobile phone to phone parents directly.