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Hampton Senior High School has a proud tradition in our local community, built over 50 years, as an Independent Public School whose graduates are recognised for the strength of their character alongside the quality of their academic performance.


The lure of our Gifted and Talented Dance Program and our accreditation as a Specialist School for ICT, Drama and Cheer Dance, attracts students from a wide range of schools across the State, with each adding to the diverse cultural, linguistic and aspirational nature of our school population. What keeps the students here, helps them thrive and promotes pride in the oft-used phrase “We are Hampton” is the professional knowledge, practice and engagement of our staff who endeavour to ensure everyone has the chance to live our school vision, Aspire, Innovate, Achieve.


A key feature of our school, as demonstrated through feedback from parent, teacher and student surveys, is the positive relationships we build to provide the base from which our academic and pastoral care initiatives achieve results. Evidence of these results is found in the excellent Graduation and Attainment rates achieved by our Year 12 students along with the progressive performance of our cohorts in NAPLAN and OLNA.


This 2021-2023 Business Plan, after an extensive period of consultation, outlines the school performance priority areas, aspirational targets, and accountability processes used to ensure the continued success of Hampton Senior High School, as measured against our Delivery and Performance Agreement with the Western Australian Department of Education, along with our shared desire as to see all students reach their full potential as happy, successful, active and character driven members of our society living our motto Labor Omnia Vincit (hard work conquers all)


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Steven Beaton


2018 Annual Report

Business Plan

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