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Specialist Cheer Dance

Selection Workshop Date Announced!

Wednesday August 26,   3.30 pm – 4.30 pm


HSHS Specialist Program Cheer Dance Brochure

The Specialist Cheer Dance Program at Hampton SHS encourages team spirit and camaraderie and promotes fun, fitness and friendships. Cheerleading is a performance based sport that combines elements of gymnastics, dance and acrobatics. It is the ultimate team sport, as it relies on every member of the team to be successful, resulting in developed confidence, coordination, trust and team work.

The Hampton Reign cheerleading program was introduced in 2010. In its inaugural year the team was highly successful, winning a number of state competitions. There is a commitment expected from the teams that they will train and perform a significant number of hours to perfect their performance and continually develop their skills.

Year 6 students are required to apply online by downloading the Expression of Interest form, submit a portfolio and attend a practical workshop assessment, prior to the selection process. 

To express your interest and to receive information about upcoming workshops, click here to download the Expression of Interest form.

Frequently asked Q&As are available to view via the enrolments link on this website

Specialist and Enrichment Program 2020 Expression of Interest

What is Specialist Cheer/Dance?

Students can enrol in the program from Years 7-10 and participate in class and competition work as part of the curriculum. Students are able to build on their skills and knowledge during class time, plus extracurricular opportunities, including extra teams, competitions, displays and workshops.

In Years 7 and 8, the program focuses on the development of Level 1/2 cheerleading skills. Students work towards mastering a full length cheer routine to compete at state competitions. Students are introduced to specific cardio-vascular, muscular and flexibility exercises aimed at the development of flyers, bases and tumblers in cheerleading. They develop an understanding of the specific conditioning practices and preparations an athlete must undergo to ensure safe participation in the sport.

In Years 9 and 10, students focus on the development of Level 2 cheerleading skills and work towards mastering a full-length cheer routine to compete at state competitions. Students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the techniques and safety procedures of Level 2 cheerleading skills, and the specific conditioning practices for cheerleaders through theory work. They also participate in regular self and team evaluations and reflections to explore strengths, weaknesses, celebrate achievements and set goals. In Year 9 students are introduced to the dance element of cheerleading. They learn a full length Pom routine which they compete at the final competition of the year.

Students study Cheer/Dance for four periods a week.  The program requires a students’ commitment to participate in workshops and competitions that are often scheduled for weekends. This supports the course curriculum and allows them to perfect their performance and continually develop their skills.

Staff Accreditation

Fully accredited coaching staff, teach and train the Specialist Cheer Dance Program and Cheer teams. Accredited up to Level 3, the staff are fully trained to teach Pom, Dance and Cheer teams, including small group stunt teams.  Zoe Flint our Specialist Cheer Dance Coordinator  has represented the state in both national and international competitions. The staff maintain their own training and competition standards, in order to stay abreast of innovative practices in cheer.

Hampton SHS is one of two schools in WA with an approved Specialist Cheer Dance program, and the only program north of the river. The sport of Cheerleading has grown significantly popular in recent years in both Australia and WA. The recognised benefits for young people involved in cheerleading as a team sport, have allowed programs such as the one at Hampton to flourish.

The cheer team, Hampton Reign, which was established in 2010 has been very successful in competitions, along with our other established cheer teams, Sovereigns and Dynasty. Many students who were a part of the original Hampton Reign Cheer squad have gone on to join other successful state cheer teams and become accredited cheer coaches.

Opportunities in Specialist Cheer Dance

Exciting opportunities to represent the school in cheer competitions exist for students in the Specialist Cheer Dance program at Hampton SHS. Students will develop athletic fitness, skills and techniques associated with the sport of cheerleading, including tumbling, motions and stunting. Specialist Cheer Dance is a fun and challenging program where students develop team work, performance skills, achieve goals and celebrate success. Fully accredited cheer coaches and teachers will train and extend teams to build their skills and progress through increasing levels of difficulty during their time in the program.


Our students enjoy Specialist Cheer Dance and describe it as an exciting and rewarding program that provides great opportunities for the future:

“I started the Specialist Cheer/Dance Program in 2016 and began in the Year 7-8 team, Sovereigns.  I knew that from my very first lesson of Cheer that I would never want to leave.  The Cheer Program is a fun and enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone that has an interest in acrobats, gymnastics, dance or tumbling.  In the program I have made wonderful friends.  I am now in Year 10, performing and competing in the Year 9-10 team, Reign.  Cheer is my home, I love it with all my heart and wouldn’t miss it for the world”.

Grace –  Year 10

“I joined the Hampton Specialist Cheer/Dance Program at Hampton in Year 7 last year.  I like the program because it is unique and not a lot of schools in WA have a program like it.  The program has helped me make new friends through active teamwork and working with other year groups in teams.  It helped me feel like I belong to the school and has assisted in building my confidence in my abilities.  The Specialist Cheer/Dance Program is beneficial to the school making us unique and distinct from other schools in the area.  It teaches students team work, commitment and communication which are all highly important for our future prospects”.

Sheenaz – Year 8