Communicating at Hampton SHS

Street address: Morley Drive East, MORLEY, WA 6062

Postal address: PO Box 590, MORLEY, WA 6943

Reception: 9270 5700

Absentees: 9270 5797 or SMS 0407 192 197


Email: [email protected]

Principal: Mr Steve Beaton ([email protected])

Deputy Principals: Mr Tony Granich ([email protected]), Mr Luke Chapman ([email protected])

Student Services Manager: Mr Cary Wong ([email protected])

There are a number of effective pathways a parent or caregiver can take to ensure good, clear communication with the highly trained professionals who look after your child at Hampton SHS.


Each Year level has a Year Coordinator who will continue through the year levels with your child as he/she progresses through the school. Individual classroom teachers can assist you with a particular academic or classroom enquiry or the Year Coordinator can give you an overview regarding your child.


 Year 7  PLC

(Professional Learning Community Leader)

Maria D’Cunha


[email protected]
Year 8 Coordinator Toa Ross [email protected]
Year 9 Coordinator Zoe Flint [email protected]
Year 10 Coordinator Imogen Appleby [email protected]
Year 11 Coordinator Rowan Brookes [email protected]
Year 12 Coordinator Leanne Quach-Kelly [email protected]


Staff emails can be found on the school website under the ‘Contact Us’ header


If you need to make contact with a particular learning area and you are unsure who to contact, please email the Head of Learning Area.  Email addresses are included in the link above or call the school on 9270 5700.


Note:  Heads of Learning Areas are often known as HoLAs!


Staff will endeavour to respond to your email in a timely manner and review emails on a daily basis during business hours. If the matter is urgent in nature or you have not received a response, please contact the school via email [email protected]

Who should I contact at the school to assist me?

If you are unsure who to contact or the most effective pathway to communicate with the school, one of the following flowcharts may help you relating to academic/classroom enquiries or pastoral care.

How can I make contact regarding an Academic or Classroom enquiry?

How can I make contact regarding a Pastoral Care enquiry?


Social Media – Facebook

For those of you who like to use Facebook, the school regularly shares updates regarding events held at the school, reminders, student successes and some of the great stories which unfold throughout the year.


Visit the Hampton SHS Facebook page at


Communications App Available – Schoolzine

All parents/carers are invited to download the SZ mobile app which can be helpful with calendars, events and gives access to the Hampton newsletters and other information. Additionally, the school’s website and Facebook pages are regularly updated with a direct link available from the app.

Access the Schoolzine (SZ) app and calendar at

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